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Being a doctor and most importantly a social worker and a human activist Camiseta Iker Casillas Real Madrid , I have always shown interest in uplifting the weaker and the poorer sections of the society. It was my dream to see a country with a balanced economic growth and the poverty totally eliminated from the county. I have contributed and helped in various government services like imparting free education to the students of government schools during my college internship project, helping the various sections of society by creating awareness about the importance of education and how investing in education can yield higher returns and better quality of life in future. Now, after a number of successive rounds of social activities, I want to put my focus on the various health issues, being a part of my profession too. By conducting a free help campaign Camiseta Keylor Navas Real Madrid , I wanted to get the people treated and avail the benefits of the latest technology by getting the accurate treatment done. Many poor people lose their life, due to casualness towards various diseases. The main purpose of the campaign was to give the right direction to the people visiting out there, helping them in getting the treatment from the various hospitals in Delhi depending upon the disease. During the free checkup campaign, I met two old ladies who were facing the problem of breath lump and persistent cough. No scientific causes could be seen. But, if the problem exaggerates it could be life threatening or savior. I was not a cancer specific doctor; still I could feel some symptoms leading to cancer. I suggested the two ladies to move forward and get them tested in the laboratory and come back to me with the proper reports. The two ladies called and told me about their reports Camiseta Blank Real Madrid , it showed cancer and for both them it was an earlier stage. Breast cancer can be healed if detected earlier; it was a thing of happiness for me and the ladies. The women couldn't afford much for their treatment and wanted me to help them out throughout the treatment. I called at Action hospital, where my friend was a doctor. Narrated her about the whole incident and the disease the patients were going through. I also told her about their financial condition. Serving the society for betterment, it was my duty to get them treated appropriately and with the best medication and in one of the leading hospitals in Delhi. Action Hospital has one of the most trusted doctors of mine out of all the hospitals in Delhi. Despite after being the top cancer hospital in Delhi, it undertakes many social initiatives for the poor sections. The hospital is supported with the highly professional and trained doctors who have attained knowledge in all the fields and help the patients to recover with the best medication and treatment. Being the top cancer hospital in Delhi, it imparts free treatment

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